Behind the Ponctuel project are two brothers: Nico and Robin De Nys.

The passion for watchmaking runs in their vein and has been passed down in the family from generation to generation for 95 years now.

Before them, their great-grandfather, Ali Kinsbergen, founded the famous brand Pontiac Tic-Tac, and bequeathed it to his daughter, Nico and Robin's paternal grandmother, Johanna.

This magnificent family heritage led Alain, their father, to the creation of his own watch brands: Bombardier Swiss Chronographs and GMT Chronographs.

It was he who, without even realizing it, gave them a taste for watchmaking and entrepreneurship.

Having grown up in this universe, for Nico and Robin, it was unthinkable not to launch their own brand one day.

Strengthened by their personal experiences, their differences and their complementarity, they have come together today to give birth to Ponctuel, which is perfectly in line with their family history. This is also why the models are inspired by those designed by their great-grandfather Ali in the 1930s when the Pontiac brand was created.

Why Punctual? Punctuality in the world of watchmaking is the key word. Each watch must be precise and accurate. But punctuality is also light.
That of the sun and the moon, which always appears or disappears at a precise and well-defined hour in time, never early nor ever late. This light that represents the cosmos, one of the fundamental inspirations of the brand.

For Nico and Robin, calling their brand Ponctuel imposed itself on them by this strength and this elegance.